Kelly Gerling
In February, 2009, I decided to quit
breeding Maine Coons when I moved to Portland, Oregon. I sold
my breeding cats to some wonderful breeders in France.

Their names are Alexandra Thiry and Jacqueline Chabbi

Here is Alexandra's website:
My girl Bandicoon Delilah is on this page:

Jacqueline's website is here where she has Gerlingcats Lily and Sweetness:
My girls Lily and Sweetness are on this page:

They have fabulous cats in their programs and I'm happy my breeding cats are with them.

Where I now live in Oregon, I have only my boy Skywalker left, who is 16 in July, 2010.
I will of course stay in contact with other breeders as well as the many owners of
Gerlingcat Maine Coons out in the world.

For more about my decision, look at the Kittens Now Available page.

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CFA Grand Champion
Gerlingcat Skywalker—is 16 in 2010.
His sister Princess Leia, died of kidney
failure at age 16 in October, 2008.
Their many kittens, grandkittens and beyond
live on . . . as does the goodness they bring to
their human families.